horse It bothers me that most alcoholic products aren't named after Vikings, Viking gods, or Viking-related accomplishments, activities, and/or handicrafts. After all, when it comes to drinking, no one can top the Vikings. No one. And people know this. Which is why, despite my frequent lamentations about modern society's pompous refusal to pay proper homage to the Vikings, I feel that, in this particular regard, there is at least a glimmer of hope.

So, in a humble effort to help further present-day reverence and awareness of Viking drinking aptitude, I have compiled this list of Viking-related alcoholic beverages. Because what simpler way is there to pay your respects to the world's finest drinking champions than by imbibing a beverage blatantly dedicated to their honor? So, if you're lucky enough to acquire and thus crack open a cold Berserker Export Pale Ale, be sure to spend a moment reflecting on the legacy of the guys who used to dress up in bearskins and kill as many people as they possibly could as quickly as they possibly could. And after you've knocked back a good number of chilled Egils', try your slurred tongue at skaldic verse. Or be a true Viking and drink your beverage out of a skull.

Here are a few, short notes on the list:
—First, the list is broken down by type of beverage as indicated in the menu above the inebriated dalahäst, then by title of beverage (or title of brewery/distillery, if appropriate). If the brewery/distillery itself is not Norse, but produces multiple Norse offerings, those are listed in alphabetical order.
—Second, most of these are, unfortunately, quite hard to find, and I have not yet succeeded at apprehending most of them myself at the local booze stores. Fy fan!
—Third, I hope to make and keep this list as complete as possible. If you know of any appropriate beverages not listed here, please let me know!

Happy browsing and drinking. Skål!

All material copyright © 2007 Rowdy Geirsson