An Unfortunate Addiction to Whoredom

The world’s addiction to whoredom really gets under my skin.

You see, I’d always thought that whoredom was something to be avoided. No little girl is supposed to want to become a whore when she grows up, and I suspect that in the past this held true. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t possess an extensive knowledge on medieval whoredom, so maybe little girls of the twelfth century really did dream of growing up to become disease-ridden prostitutes, but I tend to think not. Whoredom’s reputation quite obviously preceded itself, so why would anyone ever want to grow up to become one?

Nevertheless, there were those who became hookers after all. Perhaps they were victims of circumstance, or perhaps they just really liked the ins and outs of the profession. Who am I to say? But, regardless, in whoredom’s bygone glory days, these harlots provided a certain service to select male members of society, an ill-reputable service, but a service nonetheless (and of course, we all know that the Vikings never needed to pay for such services).

I do not consider “Oops!…I Did It Again” or “Paris” (the album as well as the person) to be services to anyone in society.

Unfortunately, the world is now fully saturated with this type of service-less whoredom. Whores used to be confined to the nearest red-light district, but now, thanks to mass media, you can’t even buy donuts or hockey sticks without seeing some talentless whore looking very whorish. And, apparently, there are people who actually care, because, contrary to all sense and reason, this shit keeps selling.

And it shows no signs of stopping. Why would it when so many people idolize the whores of today? Modern whores get whatever they want, and it’s not just dirty love. The record companies are one of the biggest perpetrators of this calamity. I imagine the typical record deal goes something like this: “Holy shit! You can’t sing worth crap and have no artistic ability whatsoever, but you say you’ve been a whore since age 11? That’s exactly what we’re looking for. Here, have a record deal and lots of money. We’ll soon make you famous and little girls everywhere will want to be you.”


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