Välkomna till det nya Scandinavian Aggression!

Javisst, Scandinavian Aggression just tripped on itself and got savagely trampled by the ensuing WordPress stampede.

That said, special skåls go out to “Orla” Jackie Sewell and Nephilim’s Max Whelihan for giving it a test sail.

To commemorate the event, here’s something uplifting for all of you who somehow managed to find your way here despite the odds against it:



4 Responses to “Välkomna till det nya Scandinavian Aggression!”

  1. Sven Odinsblade says:

    I think I have it figured out somewhat now…

    They took down the youtube link! Bastards!

    Thanks for the shoutout to Nephilim!

    Drink lots of mead this weekend and Go-a-Viking!

    • Rowdy says:

      No problem! I like you guys’ music, I hope it helps you get a few hits even though this site isn’t getting a whole lot of traffic itself…

      The video link seems to be working to me…maybe it was some glitch?

  2. orlaingunn says:

    I cant sit down, so the traffic is coming!

    And dont forget , everyday is Våldtäkt a Viking Dag! (or atleast I wish It was)

  3. Thorkel says:

    Nice clip. Brings the fury right into your own living room. I especially liked the viking ship funeral at the end, with (what is that world called?) floating in the sky.
    A belated well done to all.

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