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Fenrir was Bound on Asköy

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Remember how Loki got really wild one night—even by his standards—with a giantess, who then ended up giving birth to a wolf and two other monsters? And how that wolf then grew and grew and grew till the gods finally feared him so much that they made the decision to shackle him down on an island far away? Well, I had not realized, but in the twentieth century, the sculptor Arne Vinje Gunnerud tried his own hand in the binding of Fenrir, on the island of Asköy near Bergen in Norway. And I’d say he succeeded quite well. He probably didn’t even lose an appendage in the process, and that is worthy of a mighty skål indeed.

The Realistic Old Norse Art of Howard David Johnson

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

Here’s a badass image of Beowulf standing in front of Heorot, fantasizing about all the various ways in which he might brutally slay Grendel:

This little bit of artistic glory comes courtesy of Howard David Johnson, a contemporary artist specializing in mixed media who often chooses historical epics and myths as his themes of choice. In fact, his website features a whole page devoted exclusively to his work based on Norse mythology, and you should probably go visit it if you enjoy that sort of thing. Some of the pieces may not be as compelling as others, but there are enough cool ones to make it a fun place to browse. Here’s another that I like a lot, called Kreimhilde’s Revenge, based on the Volsunga Saga/Nibelungenlied:

Loki in the Buff

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Check out this crazy painting by Mårten Eskil Winge of Loki’s punishment for being a dick (and while we’re on that topic, let me just say I approve of Winge’s decision to obstruct Loki’s dong with his thigh; good call there):

Winge is actually more famous for this painting he did of Thor beating some giant ass with his mighty hammer, but I also like this painting of Loki’s punishment. I think Winge did a good job of capturing Loki’s insanity and the snake is pretty cool. I do kind of wish however that he had a scar from the venom dripping on him each time Sigyn has to go and empty her pan, but maybe he does and it’s just hard to tell viewing it on a computer screen.

Thor Goes Fishing at Mariatorget

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

See that? Thor’s holding his mighty hammer up above his bushy red head, getting ready to bring it crashing downwards into the Midgård Serpent’s godforsaken skull, all because that’s simply what Thor does when he goes fishing with giants. But alas, he isn’t perfect, and he lets this catch get away. Serpents are slippery bastards and giants can never be trusted. …Hail onwards »

The Watch

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Why do some guys seem to enjoy strutting around naked in the locker room so much? I’ve never understood this. And it’s usually the old, wrinkly guys who are the main culprits. They just stand around chatting, letting it all hang out, taking up valuable floor space, and altogether just delaying the much-needed re-clothing process. Recently, I even saw one guy washing his socks in the locker room sink while naked. Why? I mean seriously, why? …Hail onwards »

Celebrate the Solstice with John Bauer

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Photobucket“Holy shit, Tyr just stuck his hand in the wolf’s mouth!…Sweet.”

That, I think, is the effect John Bauer was going for in this piece. He was really good at this sort of thing, and it’s unfortunate that he’s dead. But then that’s just one of the natural side effects of being born over 100 years ago, regardless of whether you drown in a boat accident or not. Visit Art Passions or the John Bauer Museum to discover some more of his amazing artwork featuring scenes from Norse mythology and Swedish folklore.

Epic Faroese Postal Art

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

The Faroese Philatelic Office has released a number of beautiful stamps depicting scenes from Norse mythology, among other things relating to Faroese life.

If you wish to see these works of beauty, click here .

And here is Anker Eli Petersen’s homepage where you can find more images/info (he’s the artist).

For those not in the know, the Faroes are an autonomous group of North Atlantic “sheep islands” under Danish sovereignty located between Iceland, Norway, and Scotland:


Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Orkanpartyt (The Hurricane Party) is the title of Klas Östergren’s contribution to the Myth Series of novels, and it’s awesome. It’s a retelling of Loki’s final act of betrayal, but set in a hellish, future Stockholm (or at least what I presume to be Stockholm, based on the descriptions in the book, especially that of the archipelago). And it features insightful commentary on the cult of reality tv. So far it’s only available in Swedish. 

But here’s a link to some info about the upcoming English-language release from the official Myth Series’ site. 

And here’s a link to Orkanpartyt’s page at the Salomonsson Agency which includes some Swedish reviews (in English).