horse Blackwood's Nordic Vodka
Blackwood: The Shetland Distillery
"Ice filtered" vodka from Shetland.

Explorer Vodka and Explorer Lingon Blåbär
Explorer (brand from Vin & Sprit)
Regular and lingonberry/ blueberry flavored vodka (Swedish language site).

Swedish Viking liquor flavored with bog myrtle. This site prevents links from directly accessing the beverage's page, but once you get through the date-of-birth gateway you can learn more about it (and more info is actually available on the Swedish page than the English one).

Runa Vodka
Runic vodka from Sweden. Website includes useful info on the history of alcohol and drunkenness in Sweden.

Thor's Hammer Vodka
Swedish vodka.

Vikingfjord Vodka
The label says it all: "Vodka of Norway made with pure glacial water frozen when the world was still pure."

Wikinger Feuer-Aquavit
Viking Fire Aquavit from Berlin. Site is only in German.

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