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Follow these links to greatness

Learn about exciting Viking tourist destinations.

Cool site by the museum in York.

Learn about Viking metal.

This site contains tons of useful Norse info, including free online texts of the sagas.

The Viking Answer Lady knows everything.

This is where to go if you want to purchase Scandinavian (predominantly Swedish) products and don't actually live in Scandinavia.

And this is where to go to buy Icelandic products.

A good online store for Viking reenactment gear.

Lots of Scandinavian made Viking handicrafts.

Stockholm based sellers of Viking merchandise.

English language magazine about contemporary Scandinavian culture.

As it says in the logo, Sweden's news in English.

All about mead, the Vikings' most beloved beverage of all.

Spirit of Metal Webzine
Metal is the Vikingest form of music.

And check out Nate McCall's Viking imagery.

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