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Hail! And welcome to Scandinavian Aggression, the world's foremost online resource for all things relating to the Modern Viking Movement (read the FÅQ if you are unfamiliar with Scandinavia's recent social upheaval).

Here you will find many thought-provoking modern Viking materials such as my symbolic and frequently heartfelt literary Rambles, the highly inspirational Viking Self Help Guide, and an extensive directory of Viking-inspired alcoholic beverages that are actually available on the market, albeit difficult to find. You can also learn about my book, an objective work of scholarly oral history.

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I skål to your health,

—Rowdy Geirsson

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Other glorious and/or not so glorious happenings:

This plain html version of Scandinavian Aggression is now dead and decaying. Visit the the new version instead. Please. Thanks.

For anyone who might happen to care: working on a major overhaul of the site, hopefully will be ready sometime in first half of May. Ought to coincide with Ingrid Törnblom's disastrous encounter with the Cock Mongrel.

Prudential Center Sicko. Celebrate tax day with a pervert.

For me, there really is such a thing as true hate, and it's called human resources. The Modern Viking Job Interviews are back with installment #3.

I decided to put the Viking Job Interview postings on temporary hiatus so that I could rant about other things instead: Vikings Don't Hit Rock Bottom.

Read about Björn Svensson's tussle with a Human Resources Cock Mongrel in the second Modern Viking Job Interview installment.

Introducing the Modern Viking Job Interviews, featuring Trond "Troll-Breath" Trondsen as the first test subject. Also, The Norse Initiative was migrated over to the Rambles section on account of being unruly.


Happy winter solstice...behold the Snow Viking!

Die Not Alone: The Pathetic Sage of the Dead Mouse. Just call me Sovarmeddödamöss. Also, if you know Swedish, this Vikingarna kan spåras med möss article from SvD is interesting.

The Poetry of the Bladder. Public urination of the highest order.

I just created a page for Scandinavian Aggression on that unholy terror, Facebook. You can check it out here. It pretty much doesn't have jack on it at the moment, but maybe I'll change that sometime.

Bail Out of the Norse Persuasion. Harken back to the days when bailing out wasn't mass hysteria.

Retard on the MBTA. Because Vikings can suffer from retardation, too.

I'm goin' 'round the world, I gotta find my girl: Viking Grab Ass. Also, sexy new Scandinavian Aggression wallpapers posted to the War Banners page. Think mid-'90s Victoria Silvstedt in skimpy or no clothing. Now replace that image with one of Scandinavian landscape scenes and goofy, drunken, wooden horses and you'll have an idea of what I'm talking about.

Sing my song: Vehicular Viking Slaughter.

Ramble on: Death Metal Recital.

The Norse Initiative. Viking reform for the 21st century.

It's been a barren spring here at Scandinavian Aggression (the godforsaken machine to which I am a slave has been cracking the whip an awful lot lately). But new and improved warbanners have been posted! And I'm working on a completely new section that I hope to add to the site later this month, so be sure the check back for that.

An epic ode to optimism and the undying hope for a better tomorrow: Forsaken by the Norns.

It's been a good while in the coming, but an inspirational, new ramble is finally posted: An Unfortunate Addiction to Whoredom.

Viking Self Help Guide version 2.0 now up and running! Such excitement knows no bounds.

Check out the all-new Viking Brews and Booze (on menu to left)! This is where you go when you want to do serious, Viking-style research on alcohol.

Unleash the Long Ships! It's disheartening when Swedes and Danes prefer meaningless talk to relentless devastation.

Just a new ramble, Napoleon Dynamite Needs to be Blood Eagled, because, well, that movie sucked ass and what it really needed was a berserker going around on a medieval killing spree.

Holy crap, it's Viking beer! I am so excited! And really glad that I decided to stop at the liquor store on the way home today.

Brewed by the master Viking brewers of Orkney, SkullSplitter features Thorfinn Hausakluif on its label, which potentially makes it the most badass beer of all time.

Click on the image to learn more about this amazing alcoholic product.

VIKING SELF HELP GUIDE!   VIKING SELF HELP GUIDE!   Also, dig the new, updated look of this main page. By new and updated I mean that it now sports my stunningly attractive wooden, Viking toy thing mugshot at the top. Hot damn!

I'm working on a whole new section to add to this site. It should be finished later this month, so be sure to check back and revel in its glory! In the meantime, a new ramble: To Fika or not to Fika.

I've been preoccupied lately with my war banners, and more specifically, the epic unfurling of them. From Newport, Vinland all the way up to Bar Harbor, Vinland, I let the blue and yellow of the glorious Tre Hjälmar fly. Not so gloriously, the Vinlanders paid me little heed, reinforcing the status that heralds, like skalds, are basically a dead breed. You can read more about my heraldic escapades in the Harrying the New England Coast blog on my myspace profile. Also, a new ramble: Death by Viking.

Down with the Leprechauns!!!   >:o I hate those bastards!

Raise your horn and get to know Ingrid Törnblom!

Pure Nordic Hatred, part 2 is the resounding conclusion to that little ditty I posted here a few weeks ago...anyone else starting to catch a trend in the type of news that I generally post?

New ramble! Pure Nordic Hatred, part 1. Down with human resources.

New Rambles section added (on menu at left)! First up: Damn, It Must Feel Good to be a Viking, a short diatribe on myself and the anti-Viking world at large.

In a rather lame attempt to alleviate this site of its hitherto heavily static status, I have added this "news" section to the main page. More glorious yet is the formal announcement of my very own myspace account (yeah, I shelled out the big bucks for that little dandy)...So please hail and become a friend! You know, if you want to.

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