Sagas of Pathetic and Banal Exploration

This is where my pathetic and banal sagas of life, defeat, and general stupidity throughout the 9 Worlds are chronicled for the misguided sake of posterity.

For low quality metal fiction, visit:
Misadventures in Heavy Metalling (at Metal Sucks)

For tales of stupidity and failure, visit:
Points in Case

For more tales of stupidity and failure, visit:
Slackjaw (at Medium)

Additionally, here are two nightmarish humor tales published at McSweeney’s before it morphed into a predominately political/parenting website:

I Bring the Soul-Defiling Spirit of True Norwegian Black Metal to Our Corporate Office Environment

Introducing: macOS HellScape

And last, and also probably least, the following links provide educational value to anyone interested in learning more about my ongoing investigative journalism research into the lives of the Modern Vikings. So, if you desire to know more about the Norwegian whalers who turned merciless giftshop pillagers or Sweden’s last great plagiarizing skald with a drinking problem, please venture forth: