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Keep On Rockin’ in the Norse World

Sunday, April 5th, 2020

Image of Gamla Uppsala

It’s plague season, so I entertained myself by jumping on the ol’ Bookshop bandwagon. By which I mean: I created a list of obscure Norse-inspired books on the site, which is still only in beta-mode. It serves as a nice counterpoint to Amazon, though, because a portion of proceeds go to local, independent bookstores, so they might have a chance in hell of re-opening sometime later this year. It’s also good for shameless self-promotion and has an enticing affiliate program.

Anyway, if you’re someone who might be looking for something Norse-ish to read that isn’t the usual Tolkien, Gaiman, or elves and dwarves fare, then please take a look. It features some overlooked/forgotten Viking adventure classics, and some bizarre recent offerings that engage with such timeless topics as Grettir the Strong going nuts in a destitute present-day housing complex, the domestication of endangered Finnish trolls, and the utterly brutal demise of the last Norse Greenlanders. The list be on Bookshop here:

Keep On Rockin’ in the Norse World

The Art of Vikings, Metal, and Viking Metal

Tuesday, January 7th, 2020

One of the great things about the internet, besides the ability to waste time by blabbering and shouting into its gaping abyss, is the ability to descend into its gaping abyss, doing nothing, except perhaps discovering badass things that you might have never otherwise ever encountered. And it was on one of these internet time-wasting expeditions that I inadvertently discovered the awesomeness of Christian Sloan Hall’s art. Sometimes the norns smile on you, even when you’re doing jack shit.

Anyway, Christian Sloan Hall is an artist who dabbles heavily in Norse themes, metal themes, and Norse-metal themes, which are all things that I highly condone. It’s an excellent body of work and his pieces have adorned official band t-shirts, backdrops, and posters, and have been found in the pages of both Metal Hammer and Terrorizer. A smattering of the bands that he has worked with include:

Amon Amarth
Dimmu Borgir
The Crown
High On Fire

(If you don’t recognize any of those names, then you would probably be better served by going here instead.)

There are many more pieces than can be shown here, but this is an introductory sampling to give you a taste:

And to view more of his work, all you need to do is visit his official website, store, or one of his online profiles (facebook in particular has an extensive gallery):

American Vendetta
Deviant Art

Lastly, while I normally blabber into the gaping abyss about art by artists who are long since dead and gone, if Mr. Hall’s work has whetted your appetite for relevant viewing options by other actual living folks, check out these earlier posts in which I blabbered about the excellence of noble brutishness and truly epic postage.