Hail! And welcome to Scandinavian Aggression, a mediocre blog about vikings past and present. If you aren’t already bored, you can check out enlightening materials by navigating the various menu items found around the site. There’s lots of random drivel having to do with Scandinavia, vikings, metal, alcohol, and failure (at life and in general) to be found, as well as information about my always ongoing writing projects.

Thanks for stopping by, even if it was an accident that you now deeply regret.

I skål to your health,

—Rowdy Geirsson

För er som är svenska eller kan svenska/norska/danska: denna är INTE nån politisk eller rasist webbsida. Den handlar bara om vikingar och en sorts deprimerad humör. Jag hoppas att ni kan hitta något att skratta åt!