Humor Writing

Here’s a compilation of links to the sites where my atrocities of the written word have materialized among the mystical netherspaces of the world wound web. For shits and giggles and all that fun stuff.

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

I’ve written McSweeney’s longest-running and least popular column, Norse History for Bostonians, since 2010. The column spawned a book called Norse Mythology for Bostonians in 2020, which similarly reigns in unpopularity. Matt Smith has been providing illustrations for the column since 2017.

I also wrote two articles for McSweeney’s in 2017 that actually had nothing to do with vikings or Mark Wahlberg caricatures before the site completed its full metamorphosis into a political satire / parenting humor website:

Points in Case

Many tales of stupidity and failure, and other ridiculous tales that have to do with thunder god temper-tantrums and yuletide lusting after scorn-poles, for good measure. Highlights of these atrocities include:

Slackjaw etc.

Another eclectic mix of Norse and non-Norse atrocities. The title link above also lists my non-Slackjaw writings that have appeared elsewhere on, such as those at The Haven and The Writing Cooperative. Highlights include:

Metal Sucks: Misadventures in Heavy Metalling

All the atmospheric riffs and indecipherable vocals of a 1980’s Elizabeth Shue movie. Highlights include such atrocities as:

I’ve also contributed atrocities to the following esteemed publications as well:

Robot Butt

The Daily Drunk

The Offing

I Think That My Icelandic Milk-Thieving Monster Might be Malfunctioning

…and no more!

Queen Mob’s Teahouse