Magazine Articles

Here you can find downloadable PDFs of the Scandinavia-related articles I’ve written for a couple of print magazines. For honor and glory, or something.

Scandinavian Review

Viking Magazine

  • A Grand Design
    [Septemer 2021; about the art and architecture of Oslo City Hall]
  • Taking the T
    [March 2022; about the subway systems of Stockholm, Oslo, and Boston]
  • An Epic Reign
    [May 2022; about King Harald Fairhair]
  • The Art of Trolls
    [August 2022; about the art of Erik Werenskiold, Theodor Kittelsen, John Bauer, and Gustaf Tenggren]

Mainly Musuems
While not a proper magazine, Mainly Museums is a fun, informative site, and I’ve contributed the following articles: