About the Book

The table of contents of The Scandinavian Aggressors’ completed manuscript

The Scandinavian Aggressors recounts the glorious (and oftentimes not so glorious) deeds of the vikings during their tumultuous early 21st-century reunion tour, known as the Modern Viking Movement. I’ve been working on this damn thing off-and-on for the better part of a decade and finally finished it in late 2020. Full of cynical and self-deprecating humor, allusions to Norse mythology and the sagas, and informative and factual commentary about Nordic geography, history, and culture, The Scandinavian Aggressors is an offbeat odyssey into the freezing heart of the modern Northlands in search of the key men and women who were involved in the largely neglected resurgence of authentic viking activity.

Readers will meet larger-than-life, modern viking heroes such as Trond “Troll-Breath” Trondsen, who successfully raided a historic monastery’s gift shop in England; Björn Svensson, who habitually recited popular classic rock lyrics at the site of each of his infamous berserkings; and Ingrid Törnblom, who founded an elite warrior sisterhood that drew comparisons to the Spartans of ancient Greece, the Samurai of feudal Japan, and perhaps most flattering of all, the Jedi Knights of the Intergalactic Republic. Other unique Neo-Norse individuals flesh out the manuscript with their tales that include the slaying of a creepy troll in Beowulf’s homeland, the brewing of high quality craft beer in a pagan burial mound, and the suffering of horrendous digestive problems amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of Iceland’s remarkable landscape.

Needless to say, The Scandinavian Aggressors will be essential reading for anyone with even a remote interest in the Modern Viking Movement, mostly because it is the only book to have ever been written on the subject, but also because it is a darn good yarn about the fragility of the Scandinavian condition.

You can also check out my Sagas of Pathetic and Banal Exploration for some excerpts of my encounters with these enticing individuals.