Meet the Heroes

Every movement has its key players, those specific individuals who are most responsible for furthering their shared ideals and innovating the ways in which we think about the world. From Spartacus to Erik the Red to Ozzy Osbourne, revolutionary figures have always left their mark on history’s most pivotal moments, and when it comes to the Modern Viking Movement, only three names are worthy of adding to that list.

Trond “Troll-Breath” Trondsen is the archetypal modern viking. He lives with his entourage of swarthy seamen and mead-maidens at his luxurious mead hall deep in the fjords of western Norway. As the leader of the whalers-turned-vikings who mercilessly sacked the gift shop at Lindisfarne, he is generally considered to be the father of the Modern Viking Movement. Trond is also the subject of my short work, Welcome to the Mead Hall, originally published online at Word Riot, which seems to have gone the way of Hel-Road, so I’ve posted it on this sad, little site instead.

Ingrid Törnblom was the founder and leader of the Honvikings, an elite warrior sisterhood that drew comparisons to the Spartans of ancient Greece, the Samurai of feudal Japan, and perhaps most flattering of all, the Jedi Knights of the Intergalactic Republic. You can read more about her stunning personality and accomplishments over at Jersey Devil Press in Self-Condemned on the Tunnelbana.

Björn Svensson became the most influential warrior-poet the world has ever seen when he started reciting popular rock lyrics at the sites of his infamous berserkings. (Mis)guided by the Allfather himself, Svensson wages war against his timeless enemies in Denmark. Learn more about his hardcore drinking habits and poeticism in Fear and Loathing in Western Sweden and Dream Hard On, published online at Jersey Devil Press.