Top Ten

Here’s a top ten list of the reasons why The Scandinavian Aggressors is the most important work ever on the topic of the Modern Viking Movement and why you should want to read it:

10. A deranged French Canadian hockey coach with a big knife runs amok in northern Sweden.

9.   Skaldic poetry in the form of rock lyrics from such excellent bands as Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC.

8.   A senile, old woman recalls the time Odin almost molested her.

7.   Mead pong and other instances of excessive alcohol abuse.

6.   Drugged out Vikingist performance art.

5.   The remorseless decapitation of The Little Mermaid.

4.   Explosive diarrhea.

3.   The TPing of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2.   A balding, hockey-playing midget brutally slays a retarded dragon.

1.   The leprechauns finally get the punishment they deserve.