Distilled Options

Arranged by name of distillery or brand (if it’s the same).

Handpicked gin from Shetland. The distillery also produced “Ice filtered” Nordic Vodka a few years back.

Clontarf Irish Whiskey
This one might not be as obviously Viking inspired, but The Battle of Clontarf was some insane slaughter.

Explorer Vodka
Multiple flavors of Swedish vodka. The link goes to the facebook fan page because the official one vanished.

Swedish Viking liquor flavored with bog myrtle.

Runa Vodka
Runic vodka from Sweden. Website includes useful info on the history of alcohol and drunkenness in Sweden.

SchilkinWikinger Feuer-Aquavit
Viking Fire Aquavit from Berlin. Site is only in German.

Vikingfjord Vodka
The label says it all: “Vodka of Norway made with pure glacial water frozen when the world was still pure.”