Fruity Booze

Wines and cider arranged by the names of the producers.

Copa de OroViking Cider
Hard Viking cider from Mexico. Currently linking to a third party site because Copa de Oro’s page for this particular product isn’t working.

Norse Wines
Winery in Australia, they also produce a Norse Gold Mead.

Rabbit’s Food MeaderyWar Hammer
Honey flavored hard cider from California! They also have a Mead of Poetry, but aren’t playing the potential Norse card with it, alas.

Swedish Hill WineryViking Wine
Swedish Hill Winery is in New York, scroll down the linked page to learn about white and red versions.

Toad Hollow VineyardsErik’s the Red
Check out this wine. I don’t know if it’s any good, but it has a horny toad dressed up as Erik the Red on its label and that is simultaneously both awesome and ridiculous.