Viking Booze Burial Mound

When I am dead, lay me in a mound. Raise a stone for all to see, runes carved to my memory…

This is where Viking alcoholic beverages go when they die, and what better way to honor their memory than with the above epitaph? May the norns smile upon the following fallen warriors as their burning ships sink ever deeper into the darkening sea of sober discontinuation:

Birka Special Ale
Ale that honored the fabled Swedish Viking town. Made by MälarBryggeriet, a brewery that seems to have fallen in defeat in its entirety.

Danish horn-blowing beer.

Sorte Odin
Danish Odin beer by Brygmand.

Thor’s Hammer Vodka
Mighty Swedish vodka. Linking to the facebook page…maybe it will resurrect?

As always, if you are aware of any corrections that need to be made to this list, please let me know! Some general info about that is on the introductory page. Skål.