Viking Metal

Viking metal provides you with 100% aural satisfaction and serves as an excellent stimulant when spacing out. There are many more Viking bands out there than are listed here and I suggest visiting Viking Blood to find out more.

Amon Amarth (straight up Swedish Vikings)

Asmegin (folksy Norwegian Vikings)

Leaves’ Eyes (lovely Norwegian/German Vikings)

Nephilim (disgraced Californian Vikings)

Thyrfing (salty Swedish Viking sea dogs)

Tyr (epic Faroese Vikings)



Note: I created all of the photographic images displayed on this page myself (manipulations of photos that I took of items that I legally own). That shouldn’t be hard to believe. Just look at them; they’re all pretty ghetto. Still, I should probably make it clear that I don’t claim ownership over any of the actual cover images displayed within my ghetto photos. Those belong to their respective artists/bands/bloodthirsty publishing companies/soulless record labels/whatever. It’s a sad telling of the times when I feel so compelled to cover my ass like this. It’s also a good indication that I’m no real Viking. 🙁