Viking Reading Material

Reading has the downside that it forces your brain to focus on whatever it is that you are reading at the time. The upside is that if you choose something Viking to read, your brain will obtain plenty of new inspiration to help send you to the far reaches of mental detachment.





Note: I created all of the photographic images displayed on this page myself (manipulations of photos that I took of items that I legally own). That shouldn’t be hard to believe. Just look at them; they’re all pretty ghetto. Still, I should probably make it clear that I don’t claim ownership over any of the actual cover images displayed within my ghetto photos. Those belong to their respective artists/bands/bloodthirsty publishing companies/soulless record labels/whatever. It’s a sad telling of the times when I feel so compelled to cover my ass like this. It’s also a good indication that I’m no real Viking. 🙁