Loki in the Buff

Check out this crazy painting by Mårten Eskil Winge of Loki’s punishment for being a dick (and while we’re on that topic, let me just say I approve of Winge’s decision to obstruct Loki’s dong with his thigh; good call there):

Winge is actually more famous for this painting he did of Thor beating some giant ass with his mighty hammer, but I also like this painting of Loki’s punishment. I think Winge did a good job of capturing Loki’s insanity and the snake is pretty cool. I do kind of wish however that he had a scar from the venom dripping on him each time Sigyn has to go and empty her pan, but maybe he does and it’s just hard to tell viewing it on a computer screen.

2 Replies to “Loki in the Buff”

  1. I judge by Sigyn’s dress and the general lack of vegetation in Winge’s picture, that it may be late Winter or early Spring and the snake has just come out of hibernation. Therefore Loki’s scar from the dripping venom has healed over the Winter months. But I do love the psycho eye of Loki. Good job Winge (RIP in the hallowed halls) and well found Rowdy.

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