Keep On Rockin’ in the Norse World

Image of Gamla Uppsala

It’s plague season, so I entertained myself by jumping on the ol’ Bookshop bandwagon. By which I mean: I created a list of obscure Norse-inspired books on the site, which is still only in beta-mode. It serves as a nice counterpoint to Amazon, though, because a portion of proceeds go to local, independent bookstores, so they might have a chance in hell of re-opening sometime later this year. It’s also good for shameless self-promotion and has an enticing affiliate program.

Anyway, if you’re someone who might be looking for something Norse-ish to read that isn’t the usual Tolkien, Gaiman, or elves and dwarves fare, then please take a look. It features some overlooked/forgotten Viking adventure classics, and some bizarre recent offerings that engage with such timeless topics as Grettir the Strong going nuts in a destitute present-day housing complex, the domestication of endangered Finnish trolls, and the utterly brutal demise of the last Norse Greenlanders. The list be on Bookshop here: Keep On Rockin’ in the Norse World