Beavis and Butt-Head Starring Odin and Thor

ODIN: Huh huh. Huh huh.

THOR: Heh heh.

ODIN: Huh huh. Huh huh. Vikings are cool. Johan Hegg looks like a viking. Huh huh.

THOR: Heh heh heh. This song rules. Heh heh.

ODIN: Huh huh huh. Of course you like it, it’s like, all about you, and how you, like, die and stuff. Huh huh. A giant snake sneezes poison on you and you die! Huh huh.

Beavis and Butt-Head Starring Odin and Thor is a new script-style humor series I’m writing as part of my ongoing Misadventures in Heavy Metalling experiment over at Metal Sucks. As the above excerpt hopefully conveys, my goal is for this series to be a very thought-provoking and intellectual reading experience. But beyond those lofty aspirations, it will also stay *mostly* true to the Norse myths; anyone familiar with the Eddas will easily see the connections, though I, of course, will be playing around with things a bit.

The first installment (The Infatuation with Freyja Begins) was published on May 13, 2021, and being as I’m a hugely punctual individual with a real keen sense of urgency, I decided to post about it now, a full two months after it first appeared online. The second installment (Freyja Meets the Great Thor-nholio) and third installment (Freyja is Hot but Fire is Cool) have been written and will be published soon, with a shorter gap between parts 2 and 3 than there was between parts 1 and 2. And then from there, well, we’ll see where it goes.

And of course, I can’t mention any of this without a mighty skål to my good friend, Matt “Barbarian Lord” Smith, for conjuring up the sweet artwork for this. Horns up also to Vince over at Metal Sucks for being so willing to give this nonsense a shot.

And for those that might not understand the musical reference in the excerpt (from the forthcoming Freyja Meets the Great Thor-nholio installment) up top, here you go: