Heimdall Blows

When Heimdall blows his horn it can only mean one of two things: the world is coming to a terrible, violent end and you might as well give up on whatever it is that you’re doing because you’re about to be set on fire, or you’re in central Stockholm on […]

Victorious March!

I’m not sure whether this painting is saying, “We are coming to destroy everything in our path!” or “We have just destroyed everything in our path!”, but either way, if this isn’t a victorious march of some sort, then I don’t know what is. John Charles Dollman wasn’t dicking around […]

The Saga of Biôrn

I discovered this video while browsing the web for matters of importance and came across it over at the Norse and Viking Ramblings blog. The video itself though is a student project made by members of the class of 2011 at The Animation Workshop in Denmark, and it’s about Biôrn’s […]

Loki in the Buff

Check out this crazy painting by Mårten Eskil Winge of Loki’s punishment for being a dick (and while we’re on that topic, let me just say I approve of Winge’s decision to obstruct Loki’s dong with his thigh; good call there): Winge is actually more famous for this painting he […]

Gothic Metal at Millesgården

Behold Katatonia’s The Longest Year music video! It features eerie images of Carl Milles’ sculptures from Millesgården, located on the island of Lidingö, just outside of Stockholm. If you pay close attention, you’ll even notice a replica of his Poseidon, which resides in Gothenburg. And as we all know (or […]